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Zhejiang SSJ transmission technology Co. Ltd

Date:2019-5-24 | Hit:0

       Zhejiang SSJ transmission technology Co. Ltd. is jointly established by Jinjiu transmission equipment Co. Ltd. and Italian SSJ company. Specializing in the field of transmission research, manufacturing and sales. The Italian SSJ company has more than 20 years of design, production, manufacturing and sales experience of gearboxes. Currently, the market covers Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia and is recognized by customers. The company's main products include SJRV  \SJGV \SJT series solar boxes\SJXV series planetary boxes\SJBD series harmonic boxes, and various non-standard type boxes. Products are widely used in the equipment industry, food industry, car wash industry, packaging industry, transmission industry, automation industry, solar energy industry, etc.. The products are well received and trusted by customers.
      We, SSJ, serve the driving field with the mission of "making transmission more effective", the concept of "I am your manufacturing workshop", and the vision of "being a respected driving industry leader". Committed to making the transmission more effective and reliable, with customers to promote the improvement of technology, and gain rich experience.
     SSJ is located in the Leidian science park of DeQing County, Huzhou city on the shore of Taihu lake. With its leading industry technology and management philosophy, the company has become a key project introduced by the government.